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English 10: British Literature 2015-2016

Instructor: Sommer Mahoney
Email: smahoney@hyde.edu
Office: Cultural Center 13

Course Description:

In English 10, students will consider themes of identity, power, influence, and involvement through various genres of British literature. Course readings will include novels, plays, short stories, essays, and poetry, with a focus on oppressive and dysfunctional societies. Students will continue to build and strengthen the skills necessary to read, analyze, and engage texts actively. The course will focus on reading comprehension and the communication of convincing and sound arguments through spoken and written language. In order to ensure the ongoing development of skills, students will construct a portfolio that includes a variety of class work: in-class writing, reading responses, journal entries, and essays (analytical and personal). Furthermore, students will study the revision process and will regularly evaluate their own work as well as their peers’. By addressing the elements of persuasive language, the course will promote self-expression through effective writing and speaking. Students will strive to master mechanics, grammar, vocabulary, and style as they experiment with the English language. Realizing the relationship between literature and human nature, students will examine the ways in which the individual and society influence one another while reflecting on their own roles as men and women of free will. English 10 will provide a space where students can learn and grow together as we think critically about human success and failure in literature.
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Five Types of Writing:

Strunk and White:

Editing Marks:

Homework and Lessons:

Fall Unit 1: The Writer's Tools

Unit Plan:

WEEK 1: Objectives and Homework


WEEK 2: Objectives and Homework


WEEK 3: Objectives and Homework

Fall Unit 2: Gods and Monsters

Unit Plan (Part 1):

WEEK 4 (9/29-10/3): Objectives and Homework


WEEK 5 (Oct. 6-10): Objectives and Homework:


Frankenstein Audio Book

WEEK 6 (Oct. 13-17): Objectives and Homework


Winter Unit 1: Wonderland

WEEK 1 (Jan 6-9): Homework and Objectives

Handouts:Finding Alice's Wonderland
Tenniel Illustrations

WEEK 2 (Jan 12-17): Homework and Objectives:

Week 3 (Jan 19-23): Homework and Objectives:

Week 4 (January 26-30): Homework and Objectives:

Week 5 (February 2-6): Presentation Week:

Weeks 7+8: Shakespeare overview

Mid Year Reflection Paper

Journal Responses

Group Teaching Guidelines

Example Handout for Group Teaching

Spring Unit 1: Self in Society

Week 1 (March 21 - 26): Objectives and Homework

Week 2 (March 28 - April 1): Homework and Objectives

Chapter 7 Guided Reading Questions:

Week 3 (April 13-17): Homework and Objectives

Week 4 (April 21-24): Homework and Objectives


Chapter 10 Guided Reading Questions:

Guidelines for Creating Reading Questions:

Week 5 (April 27-May 1): Homework and Objectives

Socratic Circle:

Essay Construction Worksheet:

Essay Checklist:

Spring Unit 2: Art of the Personal Essay and Expression

Week 1 (May 3-8): Homework and Objectives

Basic Grammar Rules Worksheet:

Week 2 (May 11-15): Objectives and Homework

Figures of Speech:

Week 3 (May 18-22): Objectives and Homework


Class Notes and Review Materials:

*Spring Trimester Review Packet:

*Winter Trimester Review Packet:

*Fall Trimester Review Packet:

Rigney Lit Review Sheet (Freytag's Pyramid):

Rigney Character Analysis Chart (for character development):

Character Development Timeline:

Essay Organizer:

Paragraph Organizer:

Thesis and Body Paragraphs:


Sherlock Holmes Cause-and-Effect Essay:

Waiting for Godot Thematic Essay:

Proposal Paper:

Proposal Convention Rubric:


Diana Hacker (For grammar exercises)
Shakespeare Complete Works
Son of Citation Machine (For help with citation)
Colby Farnham Writers' Center (Under the "Students" tab, you can check out "Grammar Tips")
For Help With Transitions
For help with quotation formatting
How to format a block quote

The Rhetorical Triangle