Due Thursday, 9/10

Due Friday, 9/11

Watch both videos linked below. Then, write a ten-line reaction to either or both of the videos.

GWB "Bullhorn Speech" at Ground Zero

GWB Speech 9/11/01

Due Monday, 9/14

Read the rest of 9/11 packet, including Grantland article on "First Pitch" and Billy Collins' poem, "The Names"

Due Tuesday, 9/15

Write 3 separate requests to a faculty member convincing him or her to drive you to Dunkin' Donuts. Each request should be 5 lines in length.

Request 1: Appeal to Ethos
Request 2: Appeal to Logos
Request 3: Appeal to Pathos

Due Friday, 9/18

Complete Multiple Choice Packet Distributed During Class.

Due Monday 9/21

Complete "The Road Not Taken" Writing Assignment

Due Thursday, 9/24

Brainstorm for In-class essay on Washington Football Team controversy.

Due Thursday, 10/1

Rhetorical Analysis Commencement Speech Packet:

Speech #1: Read and Thoroughly Annotate (Be impressive with your markups!)
Speech #2: Read and Create a Double-entry Log (use @ least 3 direct quotations)
Speech #3: Read and Write a 10 % Summary (use your own words, summarize main points in order, reserve your personal opinions)